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AVSupport Inc.

AvSupport Inc.
DBA PartsLogistics.com
1801 23rd Ave. North
Suite 119
Fargo, ND 58102

Phone: +1-701-271-9111
Fax: +1-701-271-9199
Toll Free: 1-877-909-9111
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PartsLogistics NSN Data Center

Buy, Sell, Research and Locate National Stock Number - NSN Data. Search for suppliers, send RFQs & access NSN Master Cross Reference Data (MCRD).

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National Stock Number - NSN Drill Down

Need help locating a National Stock Number - NSN? Access the PartsLogistics database by conducting your drill down starting with FSG (Federal Supply Group). Start NSN drill down.

PartsLogistics Solutions

  • Buy – Search the PartsLogistics inventory database, which contains millions of lines of inventory from thousands of suppliers. Search by National Stock Number - NSN and send unlimited RFQs online.
  • Sell – List your inventory with PartsLogistics and use our Government Solicitation service to auto-match daily solicitations with your National Stock Number – NSN data.
  • Research – Use the power of PartsLogistics to conduct your research. Run your National Stock Number – NSN search against the entire PartsLogistics database. The in-depth results will provide you with access to the information in one quick and simple search.

National Stock Number - NSN Information

  • NSN – National Stock Number
  • NIIN – National Item Identification Number
  • FSC – Federal Supply Class
  • NSC – NATO Supply Classification
  • FSN– Federal Stock Number
  • FSG – Federal Stock Group
  • FSCG – Federal Supply Classification Group
  • NCB – National Codification Bureau

For further information or any questions about PartsLogistics services please contact an Account Representative at 1-877-909-9111 or email sales@partslogistics.com.